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New Updates as @ 17th April 2015
Mid week Update & Easter Closure
New Update as at 25th March 2015
Latest Update as at 19th March 2015
New Update as at 18032015


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New Updates as @ 17th April 2015

Blossom Occasions Ltd New updates as @ 17th April 2015!

Its been an awesome week back and filled with so much excitement- And looking forward to the weekend which brings good measures - Thank The Almighty God Amen

Wishing everyone a very happy and blessed weekend  and Happy planning too!

Please note: We are opened till Midday today 17th April 2015

Have a blessed and God fulfilling weekend.

Here are some other County info below, that might be of use to you and others .

Mid week Update & Easter Closure

Blossom Occasions Ltd's update as at 01st April 2015!

Happy New week everyone! And welcome to the Month of April 2015- The Month of Freedom - John 8.36 
And its Holy week too!

Holy Week 2015 started on Sunday, March 29, 2015  and ends onHoly Saturday, April 4th 2015.
Holy Week is the annual Christian observance commemorating Jesus Christ's last week on earth and the events leading up to His resurrection on Easter Sunday. It is the final week of Lent  and the week prior to Easter Sunday.

New Update as at 25th March 2015

Blossom Occasions Ltd's new updates as at 25th March 2015

Hope your week is going well. B O Ltd wishes you all the best for the coming weekend.

One of our buys this week for our Easter Hampers.

We hope you like it too! 

Its Good Friday on 03rd of April; Holy Saturday on 04th April and Easter 05th & 06th April 2015- Its time to celebrate the season for the reason- The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Amen. 
Easter is the season of the year where we need to reflect on the life of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Latest Update as at 19th March 2015

Blossom Occasions Ltd's  opening time on Friday 20th March 2015 is from 10.30am and 17.30pm. And this time will be maintained over the spring/summer time 2015.

Don't forget, its international happiest day tomorrow - be part of it and celebrate with happiness and in style!

We @ B O Ltd are wishing everyone all the best for Spring/Summer 2015 and have an awesome and blessed weekend.

We say good bye to Winter 2015 and welcome to spring 2015 gracefully, Amen.

Many Thanks and God bless,
Management @ 2015/2016

New Update as at 18032015

Blossom Occasions Ltd'sweekly update as at 18th March 2015

B O Ltd will like to thank and appreciate everyone who placed an order for Mothers day 2015. And will also like to acknowledge all your feedback on how impressed you were - Thank you so much for your kind words via email and telephone - God bless!

Below is one of the fav hampers this year -Thank you so much for all the orders!

Reminder for your diary- Spring season kicks in from 20th March 2015 and UK Time changes by an hour from Sunday 29th March 2015, don't forget to reset your clock(s).

New Update as at 11032015

Blossom Occasions LtdNews update as at 11th March 2015!

Welcome back to today's news update from Blossom Occasions Ltd!

I just want to thank everyone who have placed orders for both Mothers Day and Easter 2015- Appreciate you all for our orders.

And we would  like to wish everyone a very Happy Mothers day 2015- Enjoy the season for celebrating all women!

And Thank you so much to all 83,952 visitors as of today 11th March and we appreciate you all for your kind support

Many Thanks and God bless,

Happy Friday and Happy Wednesday

Blossom Occasions Ltd  wishes everyone a very blessed and happy Friday!

Wishing everyone the best for the month of March 2015- The Month of Increase in Jesus Name, Amen- Psalm 71.21

This is our picture for the month of March 2015
And a poem

The air is like a butterfly
With frail blue wings.
The happy earth looks at the sky
And sings.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep it locked to our website and blog from Monday 09th March 2015.

And don't forget, its Mothers' day on 15th March 2015 and the winter season officially ends on 19th March though Spring has started showing its face- Awesome!

New Update as @ 04032015

Blossom Occasions Ltd'sWeeklyupdatesasat04th March 2015!

We would like to start with thanking all our 120,757 visitors that have logged into our website page Total number of page click/views come to 120,757 as of 04th March 2015- Thank you!

A few changes would take place during the cause of March 2015 and we would hopefully update as you go along via twitter etc. - keep it locked as you get along with other week activities.

Wow, ItsMothers dayvery soon and only a few days to go.

New Updates 27022015

New Updates @Blossom Occasions Ltddated 27th February 2015!

Its Friday 27th February - The last Friday of the Month of February, Wow!

2015 is moving very fast, it was just Christmas 2014 a few weeks back and now we are @ the end of February already!

We @ Blossom Occasions Ltd would like to celebrate all those born in the month of March and to wish you all a very happy and blessed Birthday, Amen!

Don't forget that the Winter season ends on 19th March 2015 and we @ Blossom Occasions Ltd revert back to the Spring and Summer opening times which are 10.

Weekly update as at 11022015

New Updates as at 11th February 2015

Hope your week is going well as planned, well done if it is!

Firstly, we @ B O Ltd would like to thank and appreciate all our visitors this week and up to date 79,782 visitors with a click on our page views coming up to 117,212. Thank you for loving our work and remain blessed!

Inspiration for this week and we hope you like it too..........

our weekly photo for the week!

We would like to thank everyone for their love and contribution and pray that the Good Lord in the name of Jesus Christ reward you back as you have sowed into Blossom Occasions Ltd, Amen