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New Update as @ 04032015
New Updates 27022015
Weekly update as at 11022015
News Update as @ 04th February 2015
Weekly Update 280115


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New Update as @ 04032015

Blossom Occasions Ltd'sWeeklyupdatesasat04th March 2015!

We would like to start with thanking all our 120,757 visitors that have logged into our website page Total number of page click/views come to 120,757 as of 04th March 2015- Thank you!

A few changes would take place during the cause of March 2015 and we would hopefully update as you go along via twitter etc. - keep it locked as you get along with other week activities.

Wow, ItsMothers dayvery soon and only a few days to go.

New Updates 27022015

New Updates @Blossom Occasions Ltddated 27th February 2015!

Its Friday 27th February - The last Friday of the Month of February, Wow!

2015 is moving very fast, it was just Christmas 2014 a few weeks back and now we are @ the end of February already!

We @ Blossom Occasions Ltd would like to celebrate all those born in the month of March and to wish you all a very happy and blessed Birthday, Amen!

Don't forget that the Winter season ends on 19th March 2015 and we @ Blossom Occasions Ltd revert back to the Spring and Summer opening times which are 10.

Weekly update as at 11022015

New Updates as at 11th February 2015

Hope your week is going well as planned, well done if it is!

Firstly, we @ B O Ltd would like to thank and appreciate all our visitors this week and up to date 79,782 visitors with a click on our page views coming up to 117,212. Thank you for loving our work and remain blessed!

Inspiration for this week and we hope you like it too..........

our weekly photo for the week!

We would like to thank everyone for their love and contribution and pray that the Good Lord in the name of Jesus Christ reward you back as you have sowed into Blossom Occasions Ltd, Amen

News Update as @ 04th February 2015

We are back with our  News update for the week- 04th February 2015!

We @ Blossom Occasions Ltd would like to thank all our visitors and its so amazing to see how our website is buzzing  and news going around of our work, creations and supplier's creations as well - Thank you all for your kind support and genuine love for us here @ BOLtd. It is always a pleasure to see and view so much browsers on our FB. Visitors till date now stands @ 78,829 and click on page stands @ a whooping 116,078- we are thankful for making our company on top and popular company worldwide- and we are so impressed- And we just want to say a Big Thank you!

Weekly Update 280115


It's almost coming to the end of January 2015 - Time waits for no one!

I want to start by thanking all our visitors this week - 77,814 visitors up to 28th January 2015- Our website it's buzzing and we would like to thank you all for browsing- Keep enjoying the view. We would have liked to mention a few of our visitors by name, but we won't like to miss out on everyone either-so we choose to keep it to ourselves and just say Thank you to everyone and we hope you all like what we do and keep passing on our website details -We enjoy hearing from you always- Thank You!

Weekly Update-21st January 2015

New Updates in January 2015!

Having been back in January 2015, It's been so freshening and really exciting and we just want to say thank you so much for all your kind help and support.

Below are some of Andy's stage work- If you need a setting up your stage for your wedding, occasion, event(s), please don't hesitate to contact us via

We were also @ RCCG Shining Light Christian Connection - Boltd / Andy!

We would like to thank all our suppliers for all their excellent job in making sure we got all that was ordered.

New Update as at 14th Jan 2015

Blossom Occasions Ltd's  weekly news updates as at 14th January 2015.

Happy New Year Once again!

We would like to thank everyone for your great help and support and we would personally like to thank our 76,151 visitors who have visited and browsed through our website this week- Thank you!

Our website has now been updated as at 14th January 2015 more

Here at Blossom Occasions Ltd, we have love for beautiful stage setting - Look at this amazing ones from Mr Andy -Enjoy the view!

Winter Season 2014

Reminder for 2014!

The astronomical winter (Northern Hemisphere) 2014 begins on Sunday, December 21st and ends on Thursday, March 19th 2015

Happy Holidays to All and keep warm!

Management @ 2014/2015

Christmas Cupcakes and Cake 2014

Blossom Occasions Ltd!

 Christmas cupcakes and cake for 2014- Panari Cakes 
Blossom Occasions Ltd!

Well done to all @ Panari Cakes- Expectation met!

Many Thanks and God bless,
Management @ 2014/2015!

Greenwoods Hotel & Spa, Billiericay Essex

Greenwoods Hotel & Spa!